Online training: E-teaching by doing?

Conducting a JCI course in a room full of people is completely different from conducting it online. So how do you transform your JCI course into an online course? Bas Spekhorst, JCI member, owner and director of StudiePro (a tutoring institution for in the Netherlands) founded Virtuwijs after discovering the advantages of teaching online over teaching in physical locations. How does online training help them in their business? And what advice do they have for us?  Continue reading “Online training: E-teaching by doing?”

Become the kickstart platform for entrepreneurs in your region

Get inspired by JCI Monaco

We all do it, periodically. Or, well, we should: go through our organization’s core values, sharpen them and define what they mean in practice. For JCI Monaco, a National Organization so small that it’s almost run like a Local Organization, this exercise meant ‘even more focus on entrepreneurship’. They decided to complement their existing business plan competition with an entrepreneurship training cycle. Continue reading “Become the kickstart platform for entrepreneurs in your region”

Need new high-quality members? Do like JCI Dublin

“A leadership event was our approach to a solid reputation boost”

JCI Dublin was doing well on the community and business front. They had monthly training events. But something was missing: a high-profile event that could position JCI Dublin as the place to go for premium quality personal development. That’s when the ‘Leading for Growth summit’ saw daylight. Continue reading “Need new high-quality members? Do like JCI Dublin”

What can the JCI European Development Council do for JCI Trainers?

Training is one of the many opportunities for personal and organizational development within the Junior Chamber International (JCI). In addition to the official JCI courses and local initiatives, there are also international opportunities provided by the JCI European Development Council (JCI EDC) in the area of training. Continue reading “What can the JCI European Development Council do for JCI Trainers?”

Assessing the trainer to ensure quality

JCI is not primarily a training organization. Its goal is not to create good trainers. But good trainers are necessary to develop the skills of members, in order for them to create more impact with their projects. Marlies van der Heide, one of the top trainers of JCI the Netherlands, explains how the quality of trainers is kept high in their National Organization. Continue reading “Assessing the trainer to ensure quality”

Creating champions at the Public Speaking Academy

Even National Presidents can be terrified of public speaking. The sweat, the trembles, the anxiety: Sarah Beckwith (JCI UK National President 2016) had it all, some years ago. Guess what helped her overcome it? JCI in and of itself. Sarah decided to put her lessons learnt together and launched the -hugely successful, even outside the UK- JCI Public Speaking Academy. Easy as that. Continue reading “Creating champions at the Public Speaking Academy”

Call for Skills Development Sessions at the 2016 JCI World Congress!

All active JCI members or past members who are active in the community and still contributing to the Local Organization who have training skills and experience in local activities and leadership, are invited to submit proposals to share their experiences at the 2016 JCI World Congress in Quebec, Canada. Continue reading “Call for Skills Development Sessions at the 2016 JCI World Congress!”